Benevolence Fund

Berwyn firefighters
benevolence Fund


Board of Trustees:

Mike Laureto, Director

Frank Bonadonna, Director

Marc Agnello, Director

Mission Statement: “To provide assistance in times of hardship to ease financial burdens to firefighters of the Berwyn Illinois Fire Department and the community we proudly serve.”

Scope: The ultimate goal of the Benevolence Fund is to provide for our membership and community we serve with financial assistance, scholarships, and charitable donations. This organization seeks to support:

  • Physical/physiological needs of Berwyn Firefighters

  • Health/safety needs of our firefighters & community

  • A sense of security for our firefighters & community

  • Supporting charitable organizations & providing scholarships within our community

Primary focus of the Benevolence Fund:

  • Supply our firefighters with funds that arise as a result of medical emergencies.

  • Deaths of loved ones, and mental issues that arise as a result of deaths of loved ones.

  • Large or small scale tragedies, and issues that arise as a result of large or small scale tragedies.

  • And when possible & responsible, extending goodwill to local charitable organizations that impact our community.